NOVA Divorce Mediation

Nonjudgmental, cooperative, confidential and affordable path to divorce

McLean, Virginia
Toni Coleman

Psychotherapist and relationship coach, Toni Coleman began offering divorce mediation after working with couples who came to her with irreconcilable differences and no desire to work towards rebuilding their marriages. However, when they began exploring the process of divorce, they were overwhelmed with the potential costs of time, money, and goodwill. They feared they would not be able to recover from such a process and wanted to know what else might be possible, if anything. When Toni began to explore the use of mediation and how it leads to uncontested divorce, she could see the immediate benefit of offering couples this option.

Why Divorce Mediation?

A contested divorce can deplete your resources. It involves expensive lawyer fees, a large investment of time, unnecessary stress, and the involvement of the court where you are on display for anyone who cares to sit in and observe. It also means that a judge, not you as a couple, will make the important decisions regarding your family and property. So why would you opt for that when there is a much easier and more cost effective alternative?

When you opt for divorce mediation:

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